American Civil War related

Acclaimed, high quality, fully searchable full text and image data from the U.S. government Official Records of the Civil War.

The Civil War CD-ROM has approximately 120,000 pages of text, covering the Official Records as well as additional crucial information such as Fox's Regimental Losses and Dyer's Compendium.

The Complete Civil War CD-ROM has approximately 200,000 pages of text. In addition to all of the material on the Civil War CD-ROM, the Official Medical/Surgical records are all included, as well as the Official Map Atlas in high resolution color.

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IPark - iPhone Application

IPark is the easiest and most reliable parking utility for your iPhone. Just walk following the IPark compass back to your marked vehicle location any time, anywhere on earth with a GPS signal, without requiring maps (and you won't find maps of that big mall parking lot!) IPark’s database recalls your personalized spots for every vehicle you drive, including rentals. Zoom with a single touch to your exact preference in a multi-level garage, or where your window-gazing puppy is happiest. One-button emailing of your location gets your friends safely parked nearby. Special bonus features are instant searches for parking or services anywhere you drive, a handy parking timer and an iPhone vibration option when your vehicle is close by.

IPark - Oliver Computing LLC

High Altitude - iPhone application

High Altitude makes it easy to determine the boiling point of water at your current GPS given altitude, a valuable tool for high altitude hikers and campers. It also provides a direct altitude readout with color-coded accuracy, mean barometric pressure, and the relative percentage of oxygen relative to sea level. Units are both English and Metric.

This app also provides a way for you to easily see any of these values for any altitude up to 30,000 feet using a simple slider.

Finally, a mini reference guide to Acute Mountain Sickness is provided. At sufficiently high altitudes, the realtime display screen will show a button alerting you to the possibility of this illness, which will take you directly to the guide.

High Altitude - Oliver Computing LLC